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Clinics and Lessons

Moving On Up - Skills and Drills (PAPC members only)




Each week there will be a stand-alone clinic that requires you to sign up in advance, the week before. Sessions are run by Chuck Kaspar, PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor, and our amazing club volunteers.


All clinics run from 1- 2:15 pm. Please wear your blue 2023 blue member badge to the clinic so coaches and players can refer to you by name, and so our busy volunteers don't need to waste time checking membership status.

Please sign up for only the clinic that best describes your playing level.

View the USAPA Official Player Rating definitions

We will explain the fundamentals of each stroke and strategy. This includes dinks, 3rd shot drops, volleys, blocks, resets, lobs, deep serves, and backhand strokes. Each level builds on the previous one.

  • Mondays, Advanced Beginners Clinic for levels 2.75 to 3.0*

  • Tuesdays, Intermediate Clinic for level 3.25

  • Wednesdays, Advanced Clinic for level 3.5

* Note: This is an Advanced Beginning 2.75 to 3.0 clinic. If you have only taken the "Getting Started" session, this is not the drill clinic for you. Please practice more with others until you have control serving, dinking, and volleying with others. Watch for more info for lower-level offerings in 2023.  

Signup Process for the Clinics

Signups for all Moving On Up weekly clinics are done through PlayTime Scheduler.**  (You can also sign up for PlayTime Scheduler Alerts.***) Each clinic has a maximum capacity of 16 players. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate, we are introducing a lottery process on February 1st, 2023. Here’s how it works:

  • A new session will be created on PlayTime Scheduler on the prior Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm. Up to 100 members can add their names over the next 24 hours.

  • After 24 hours, all the names will be put in a random number generator, and 21 participants will be chosen: 16 will be on the confirmed list and 5 will be on the waitlist.

  • Any name not selected will be taken off the list on PlayTime Scheduler. An email notification will be sent to the 21 (16 regular and 5 waitlisted) players.

  • Everyone can see who has been selected on PlayTime Scheduler.

All participants must show up at 12:45pm to check in and warm up at court P15.

At 1pm, anyone who is not present from the signup list will be taken off as a No Show. The waitlisted people who are present will then move up to fill in the unclaimed slots. We are not taking any walk-ins.

If you sign up but are unable to attend the clinic, please remove your name from PlayTime Scheduler so others can attend. You will get notified if a session is canceled due to weather or other conditions.


Please bring a paddle with your name and contact information on it, a ball, your 2023 membership name tag, hat, water bottle, sunscreen, and a smile!


NOTE: We play at Mitchell Park which are public courts, so there is no reservation system. These sessions will depend on court availability. In the event the courts are full, programs may be delayed.


PlayTime Scheduler

** To register:

If you are new to PlayTime Scheduler, choose “San Jose/Santa Cruz, CA” for the region. It includes Palo Alto.


*** Alerts:

You can sign up for alerts (an email) when a new session is created. After logging in, click on “My Account” on the upper left. Then click on “Emails” (the 2nd tab on the left side). There you can select the days, times, levels, etc. Be sure to pick a large enough radius (in miles) to receive email notifications.

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