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Palo Alto Pickleball Club Challenge Ladders (2023)

The club will have the following ladders for 2023:

  1. Mixed doubles (Division 1, advanced / Division 2, recreational)

  2. Men’s doubles (Division 1, advanced / Division 2, recreational)

  3. Women’s doubles (Division 1, advanced / Division 2, recreational)

  4. Team-ratings-capped doubles (Max rating sum of 7.0 for both players together)

  5. Co-ed full court singles

  6. Men’s full court singles

  7. Women's full court singles

  8. Co-ed skinny singles

  9. Youth full court singles

Click button to view and update the Ladder spreadsheets:


Rules:  (Most importantly – Remember to have fun!)

  1. All participants must be current Palo Alto Pickleball Club members.

  2. Participants will sign up as a team (for doubles) and provide an email address for each player to the Chair, who will distribute them  to everyone on the ladder.

  3. Players/Teams can challenge the players/teams up to two slots above them in standing.

  4. Should the players/teams one and two slots above you are not available to play in a reasonable time, please contact ladder chair to seek challenges further up.

  5. Challengers should contact their opponent with a list of potential play times and those challenged should accept or counter with a day/time that is good for both teams.  Do your best to set up the match within 2-3 weeks from the first contact.

  6. Each match will be best 2 of 3 games to 11 points, win by 2 points. Teams can do coin flip (or equivalent, 1-2 guess) to decide which team has a pick of serve first or side.  After first game, teams switch side and the second team will serve first.  Switch side again to start the third game, if there is one, and the team who started the first game will serve (by either player.)  If there is a third game, switch sides at 6

  7. The teams can agree on what balls to use for the match, Franklins by default if no agreement

  8. Results are to be recorded in the club ladder Google spreadsheet on PAPC website and emailed to ladder chair if possible.

  9. If either player fails to arrive within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled start time, the challenge is either dropped or defaulted, depending on which player is late. If a match is defaulted, it should be recorded as such.

  10. If the challenger wins, the challenged moves down one spot and the challenger takes their place. If the challenger loses, positions remain the same.  Update the spreadsheet accordingly (See detailed instructions on the Google sheet.)

  11. If you challenge and lost the match, you should try to play a team below you on the ladder before challenging up again.

  12. Avoid playing ladder matches during peak club open play times, e.g. Sat/Sun 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mon/Fri 10-12 noon or when open courts are limited (e.g. during PA class times or clinics.)

  13. Do not play ladder matches in the big area when courts #3-#15 are all occupied and people are waiting for open play.

  14. Place the 'Ladder Match in Progress' sign next to the net so others would know not to challenge the teams until the match is over.

  15. Each team is entitled to a maximum of two time outs per game.  Time outs are one minute long.  Unused time outs cannot be pushed to the next game.  Injury time outs are not counted as regular time outs.

  16. After the initial ladder is formed, newcomers can join the ladder by taking the last slot and work their way up.

  17. If a team changes a player it is a new team and will be moved to the bottom of the ladder. If a player is injured and can’t play for extended period, the team is dissolved. Remaining player can find new partner and form another team on the same ladder.

  18. Club president and ladder chair will have ultimate decision power regarding any issues related to the club ladder and matches. Any additional clarification of rules, please see

  • To join any ladder:  Email with your name, email address, self-rating, ladder(s)/division, partner name and his/her email (for doubles.)

  • Let the fun begin!


By participating in the ladders, you have given permission for other ladder participants to have your contact information.

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